Spring Boot + Thymeleaf form validation error not displaying

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Check these by these steps.

Make sure BindingResult just follows up with the object variable

public String save(@Valid Product product,
                       BindingResult bindingResult,
                       RedirectAttributes attributes) {
                           // th:object = "${product}"

Here, it follows up producrt object.

use @ModelAttribute

If object variable name do not same as it’s camel style of java class name, use @ModelAttribute

public String save(@Valid @ModelAttribute("category") ProductCategory category,
                       BindingResult bindingResult,
                       RedirectAttributes attributes) {
                           // th:object = "${category}"

Here, the camel style of ProductCategory is productCategory, but we named the variable name is category. We must use @ModelAttribute("category") to make sure Model can find it correctly.

Do not redirect if valid failed.

If the validation failed, it should render back to the original template. If you redirect it to new page, the errors won’t be saved.

return "redirect:/edit";


return "edit"


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