KeyCloak vs Authelia

Category Detailed KeyCloak Authelia
Star Github 14,776 15,346
Technical Language Java Go
Database for dev H2 (file and memory) SQLite
Database MariaDB, MSSQL, MySQL,Oracle, PostgreSQL MySQL, PostgreSQL
Cache for dev local Memory
Cache Infinispan Redis Redis Sentinel
Connections Protocols OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, SAML 2.0 OpenID Connect
SSO(Single-Sign On)
Built-in Social Login
Console Admin Console
User Console
Theme Customize
Two-factor authetication One Time Password (google authenticator)
WebAuthn ✔ FIDO2
Duo (Mobile Push) ✔ by extensions
Free OTP
Difficulty Boot up ●● ●●●●●
Configuration method Admin Console Yaml file
License License Apache 2.0 Apache 2.0


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