How to install OS and connect to NanoPi-R2S (rk3328)

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Install OS

  1. Go to google drive, navigate to: 01_Official images/01_SD card images.
  2. Download any image, e.g., "rk3328-sd-debian-bullseye-core-5.15-arm64-20230529.img.gz".
  3. Unzip it to "rk3328-sd-debian-bullseye-core-5.15-arm64-20230529.img". importat!!!
  4. Using dd command to write it to TF card.
    sudo dd if=rk3328-sd-debian-bullseye-core-5.15-arm64-20230529.img of=/dev/disk3

    wait about 1 hour untill finish.

Connect to NanoPi-R2S

  1. Using network cable connect NanoPi-R2S WAN to router LAN.
  2. Boot it with power.
  3. Got to you router manger on your computer, like
  4. Looking for the IP of the board.
  5. Connect it form comoputer terminal
    ssh [email protected]

    enter password pi.

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