How to install OS and connect to NanoPi-R2S (rk3328)

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Official wiki page OS image on Google Drive Install OS Go to google drive, navigate to: 01_Official images/01_SD card images. Download any image, e.g., "rk3328-sd-debian-bullseye-core-5.15-arm64-20230529.img.gz". Unzip it to "rk3328-sd-debian-bullseye-core-5.15-arm64-20230529.img". importat…

What is OpenAI Function Calling and How to Use it?

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Simply put, OpenAI / ChatGPT function calling can identify the intent and entities in a sentence through a language model. For example, when the user asks "I want to recharge my phone100 USD". The model should recognize the intent recharge and it's 2 entities recharge amont: 100 currency:USD Back to O…

From PHP to Python In 10 Minutes

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PHP and Python are both high-level, interpreted programming languages with a variety of applications, but they have some significant differences in terms of syntax, design philosophy, and use cases. Here's a detailed comparison of the two languages: 1. Purpose and Use Cases PHP: Created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 199…
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